Saturday, 4 February 2012

Annie Bascoul inspired.... ~Calmar~

After researching Annie Bascoul's sculptures made from tissue/wire/material, I was inspired to make my own small scale sculpture of my own design, replicating her style. It is based on an organic form shape, and my own imagination. What I like most about Bascoul's large scale sculptures are the shadows cast when the pieces are in exhibition. Playing around with lighting and camera angles have lead me to produce an extensive set of photographs recording the texture, contrast, and shadows cast by my piece. I attempted to keep the surroundings as plain as possible, and used super macro mode and manual focus to take sharper photos in lower lighting conditions. 

I first experienced Bascoul's artistic work in the BMAG Lost In Lace Exhibition where two of her works were displayed in combination.

My artist exploration sketchbook pages on Annie Bascoul's work: 

And my photographs of my wire-tissue sculpture:

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