Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Greyhound inspired art.

For my AS Art Coursework, it seemed natural that my topic choice was "Greyhounds", as I could base my inspiration around my own ex-racer, Tally.

 I did a load of research and exercises to prepare for my final piece(s). 
This included looking at closely linked artists; Terry Flannery, Lucian Freud, Giacomo Balla, Franz Marc, Eadweard Muybridge, and my favourite; Sandra Flood!

And here are my final pieces, with one still to go!

These two pieces were painted in acrylic on canvas, and with inspiration from Sandra Flood, for my AS Art Coursework. Check her work out here...


Just had to post this beautiful photograph of a sunset I took while camping in Taunton. After spending countless hours driving round in circles, unaided by contradictory road signs, we finally arrived at our campsite, and this view is what greeted us...


For my AS Art Exam, I chose the topic of fairy-tales. I wanted to focus mainly on the modern portrayal of these stories in the media and of the modern day. Unfortunately my sketchbook was handed in before I could photograph many of the pages, however here are some of my experiments I did manage to record; 

A combination of my photography, and editing suite, sketching and painting; purely an experiment...

A wedding inspired cake, complete with wedding favour, and a removable lid concealing vows, confetti....

Title page/collage/experiment

Apple + self photography + editing suite...


As part of our AS experimentation time, we studied the human body and form. Below are a few sketches/paintings...
Excuse the bad picture quality


Sometimes when I have no reason to be creating artwork, other that that of experimentation, I find some things turn out quite well. Here are a few random pieces I felt the need to produce; 
This piece shows the material side to greyhound racing
A very rough sketch of my doggy, very rough indeed...

Monday, 30 May 2011


In June 2010 we adopted a beautiful greyhound from Solihull's Daybreaks Kennels. My mom, after wanting one for quite a while after our amazing mongrel Pippa died a few years ago, finally took the plunge and we went to visit again, but this time, with rehoming in mind. As luck would have it, we arrived a bare hour after a lovely, friendly little black ex-racer arrived, straight from her last race. We fell in love with her on first sight; no need to go look at the others.

We decided straight away she was the right one for us; all so excited to be picking her up in one week. The people at the RGT were all so helpful, and happily informed us of their joy to be seeing the back of the dog that made that made their ear drums bleed ;) Luckily for us, she hasn't made much of a racket since. 

Taylor Swift.