Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lost In Lace

Gas Hall, BMAG.
"This exhibition explores the structures and meanings of lace and asks questions about how we divide space, both physical and architectural. Here artists are using materials ranging from crystals to phosphorescent threads, from polymers to video, from Tyvek to black wool and white cotton, from hand-cut muslin to Jacquard punch-cards"
"Lace has many associations within different cultures. There are works that refer to these two opposites; the light and the dark. The threads within lace connect one decorative element with another to form a network"
 "Lace networks can be both complete - as with a finished worl, but also have the possibility to make continuous connections. They can spread like a virus, surrounding but not enclosing space, forming boundaries and allowing access through."
Annie Bascoul; Jardin de lit. 

Annie Bascoul; Jardin de lit. 
I want this work to be rare and precious, always beautiful and poetic. For the suspended 'bed', white and gold colours feature, for me they are the colours of light, beauty and ambiguity". Uses the traditional needlepoint lace of Alencon, which is largely inspired by the drawings of plants and gardens and flowers.

Nils Volker; Forty Eight
Circuit board design and production, assemblage Tyvek, cooling fans, MDF, custom electrics. 

"Most of my work is of a rather technical nature; creating electric circuits, programming, drawing circuit boards and soldering. But in the end all the engineering lies hidden under and organic appearing surface and can only be imagined".
Atelier Manferdini; Inverted Crystal Cathedral - Designed using engineering platform ROBOT, assemblage 40 000 crystals, 1000 strands of steel cable
" Inverted Crystal Cathedral explores the structural behaviour of networks hung in space. The weight of the crystals pulled by the force of gravity determines the path and distribution of each cable"
 "1000 strands constitute the vaulted surface of the Inverted Crystal Cathedral. Walking in the gallery, the viewer can appreciate the detail of each crystal and how they constitute to the overall form "

Chiharu Shiota; After the dream - Wool, cotton, paint
" I am more interested in the lines, which are often represented in my work through black string. These strings are woven into each other, which can make it look a bit like lace, which is also intricately woven. The difference is that my strings are in a random pattern, whilst lace follows set designs and patterns "
"My installations with clothes always refer to the clothes as a second skin, which carry the memories of the people who wore these clothes"
Tamar Frank; A thin line between space and matter - Site sensitive  installation, Phosphorescent   thread, LED lights
"Like lace making I am in fact repeating the same action over and over. And, as with lace making I am creating work from a single thread, the pattern defined by the space inbetween the threads; by the emptiness. The idea to use a pattern based on curves came to me when I observed the industrial gallery during my visit to the museum. The space is impressie with its open-work ornamental iron arches"

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