Sunday, 30 October 2011

'Up Close' Exhibition, Blakesley Hall.

Last day for viewing the exhibition today by Sharon Johnstone, at Blakesley Hall in Yardley, Birmingham. Sharon is a local artist, who has recently begun using macro lenses in her photography work. This exhibition came about when Sharon began to photograph the gardens at Blakesley Hall. Her task was to find and photograph the hidden details within the garden that may usually be overlooked. Some photographs have an abstract quality, leaving the viewer wondering around the subject.
On the project, Sharon said;  "The Blakesley project has been an exciting opportunity to spend a year exploring the garden and observing beautiful colours and compositions throughout the seasons. Every time I came down to the garden, I would find something new to photograph. I have spent many hours here during every season and have hopefully captured the beauty and offered a different view of the garden for people to appreciate".

The Hall itself; 

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