Saturday, 31 December 2011


Ahhhh, decided next time I haven't spent all my money on clothes, I will buy a lomo camera. I actually love the effects they make and I've wanted a new film camera for ages too. 

Love pictures like this! :

I guess my love for these pictures stems from my obsession with retro and vintage styled anything, due to a heavy influence aka. my daddy, and his enormous collection of cameras, film/digital and masses of accessories, hundreds and hundreds of amazing filters. Bit difficult to stop yourself being bitten by the photography bug when constantly exposed to such wonderful enthusiasm, bordering on obsession.

I know you could probably very easily just edit the digital photos into a lomo style, (like above) but where is the fun in that! Plus the cameras are super cute and very very retro, I love them! Diana cameras are not too badly priced either, plus many retro shops these days sell reproductions, so easy to get your hands on one.

My dad, of course, thinks it's insulting to purposely buy a cheaply made camera with the simple construction of a plastic lense and no light meter; says it's against everything he feels about photography haha. He instead offered me one of his film cameras and a lomo filter, maybe I'll try both. :)

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